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What is Just Click ?

‘Just Click’ is a Smart Marketing App that helps connecting people to directly with Sellers and Service Providers of their local Marketplace. It’s much more convenient image of (Customer to Seller) or (Seller to Buyer) platform.

How this APP Just Click works ?

As we all aware that Online Shopping like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. are setting new records every year but the Traditional Market which is the backbone of the country is getting decreased every year. If we take the Mobile Sector, while online shopping giants Flipkart, Amazon, etc are generating so much profits, the Traditional Market (Retailers) getting loss every moment. Actually the major problem is not about pricing, what Online Shopping offers is they provide access to Thousands of Products and Services while comforting people to use at their fingertips. The result is Online Shopping makes profits and Grows↑ and Traditional Market suffers losses and Falls↓.

So, In order to revive the Traditional Market. What we need is a Better Strategy to increase Foot-Fall. As mentioned before, not all people do Online Shopping for hefty discounts and offers. Most of them do it for convenience and less time consuming. We came up with the Vision. If the consumers/peoples have no time to visit and checking up in the Traditional Market, why don’t we bring the Traditional Market to them. That’s the Vision leads to create the APP Just Click’ which is going to work like a Boon for the Traditional Market and helps them revive.

How this APP Just Click works for you?

If you are a Traditional Business Owner (Retailer), you often think about how to increase Foot-Fall for your Business? You come with the product/service which can grow your business more but you don’t have a better Strategy. You also think about expanding your business on other areas to increase more business. But do you really know that it’s not even necessary to diversify.

We found by doing a survey that the many of Semi-Urban cities and towns have very large consumers and out of 70% of them do Online Shopping. The rest 30% shops from Traditional Market. So, In order to increase the Foot-Fall we only need to implement good Marketing Strategies in our Local Area only so that we bring much consumers who do Online Shopping.  That’s what ‘Just Click’ does. It acts like a mediator.  ‘Just Click’ not only Lists your Business, but it Advertises in many forms like (Social Media and Traditional Media) also to ensures that you get a Maximum number of Foot-Falls every time.

Why Just Click APP?

Because It’s the most Convenient, Affordable and Easiest Marketing Solution to any Traditional Business.

Rather than building a website, hire a website developer or social media marketer which (to be honest) comes with a High Monthly Expense. All you need is to Just SignUp and Subscribe the Plan of your choice and BOOM!!! All you goes live to Thousands and Thousands of Users in Just-a-Click!

Who needs Just Click APP the most?

Actually, Everyone needs this App the most.

If you are a Retailer, This app will help you benefit to connect with thousands of local buyers and can easily promote your Products and Services.

If you are a User, Just Click app is a blessing for people who want to sit in a place and want access to the local market! As we know we are changing towards online marketing but when it’s about something big, we often doubt just shopping online and we hesitate. But, when we’ll have access to local market through online search it’ll fill both are problems :

1- One will not have to rush and find local shops for one’s need and waste days in it.

2 – One can directly go and meet local shopkeepers and physically look and feel the specific things for his/her requirement.

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