Startup Business Program

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From Developing Skills to Kick-starting a business, WE will do all. We work to BUILD STARTUPS with in 6 steps:

Step 1: We start with counselling to find what area of Interest the candidate has.

Step 2: We provide Training and Skill Development to develop the Skills to do so.

Step 3: We make the project to start his business and help him/her to raise funds from Financial Institutions i.e (Banks, Private Financial Companies and Several Investment Bodies).

Step 4: When the project is funded, we will help him/her to setup and stock all the needs on best quality and pricing.

Step 5: We help you to build Comm-You-Nication.

Step 6: We provide Training Support quarterly and support in Marketing his/her Business for one year. (one Year Just-Click Subscription with 10 Listings).

Step 1: Counselling (more than counseling)

We provide assistance and guidance to the candidate especially by a trained person on a professional basis, to resolve the actual desire of candidate. The process that occurs when a candidate set aside time to explore difficulties which may include the stressful or emotional feelings of the client.

The act of helping the candidate to see things more clearly, possibly from a different view-point. This can enable the candidate to focus on feelings, experiences or behavior, with a goal of facilitating positive change.

Step 2: Training and Skill Development

Have you ever tried to achieve a goal but achieved mediocre results? Have you ever seen other people achieve their goals effortlessly and wonder how they do that? This is where skills development comes in.

Skills development is the process of identifying skill gaps, developing and honing these skills. It is important because your skills determine your ability to execute your plans with success.

(Imagine a carpenter trying to build a house. He has the raw materials but lacks good wood working tools. He has, however, a flimsy hammer and a small screwdriver. Without the right tools like a hand saw, he can’t turn these raw materials into house building pieces.)

At Dream Marvel, we provide a Practical Trainer to train and improve your skills. 

Step 3: The Project

With the help of our Marvelous Team we help the candidate to Initiate, Plan, Execute, and controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time. Our primary motive is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints like Scope, Time, Quality and Budget. And more ambitious is to optimize the allocation of necessary inputs and apply them to meet pre-defined objectives. The team that will work with you on the project is responsible for delivering the project both on time and within budget.

Step 4: The Setup

From business type to business model to physical location, there are so many variables

Where we work together to create a Unique Business Setup 

Step 5: Comm-You-Nication is more than Communication

Successful people know there’s a single three-letter word for getting people’s attention… That word is YOU. We help to build the ‘You’ in your communication. This is one of the most important step for doing a business because When you use Comm-YOU-nication and learn to sprinkle YOU as liberally as salt and pepper throughout your conversation, your listeners find it an irresistible spice. This will encourage people to have interest in your business and your business will become to flow.


Step 6: Training Support and Marketing

A needs assessment (sometimes called a needs analysis) is a way to find out what training or support to provide. Our team helps to fill any gap between the skills and knowledge people already have and the skills and knowledge they need for their involvement role. Aids, devices, equipment, and services provided to facilitate efficient operation and maintenance of business. Our Marketing Support provides the capacity to support marketing activities and increase the marketing efficiency of business. It corporate marketing activities such as Seminars, Business Ads, Meetings, etc.


Package Includes:

1- Counselling

2- Skill Development

3- Project Building

4- Administration

5- Marketing & Training Support


1. Counselling Currently there’s no such thing in India which provides Business counselling but you can find Career Counseling which usually charges between Rs.500 to Rs.2000 per hour, meanwhile a person looking career startup might attend 5-8 counselling sessions which translates into Rs. 15000/- approx.

2. Skill Development They are many Skill Development programs currently Operating in the market. Whether they are from Government or Private Institutions usually a 3 months Skill Development Program costs around Rs.25000.

3- Marketing Support First most, many of us can’t get proper marketing for business which includes Social Media Marketing , Advertising, Mouth-to-Mouth marketing, etc. There’s no approx amount to calculate that but let’s assume it will cost around Rs.25,000/-

4. Project Building An average business project making costing approx. Rs.15000 to 20000 just only to make the plan.

5. Administrative

expenses are costs related to the general administration of a business i.e.; Infrastructure Setup, Equipments Managements, Stock Arrangements, etc. A professional would charge approx. Rs.100000/- to facilitate the service.


Counselling + Skill Development Costing + Project Building Costing + Administrative Costing + Marketing and Training Support for One Year.

If we calculate the total cost, we get an expenditure approx Rs. 1Lac. But, All we facilitate on a minimal amount of only Rs.30,000/- (For 1 Startup)